About Amy


Amy Shamp is a preacher, teacher, and prophetic voice with a heart to see souls and lives transformed by the word and power of God. Known for her prophetic anointing, healing gift, and revelatory preaching style, Amy travels and ministers around the world, writing books and creating resources with the goal of equipping the body of Christ to be fire-carriers who demonstrate the love and power of Jesus.


Amy and her husband, Jesse, are the founders of a non-profit ministry called Spirit Word Ministries and together they are committed to raising up sons and daughters through The Gideon Mandate. Amy feels a special calling to inspire women to step into their destinies and callings in God, and is determined to see a generation of daughters rise up into their identities, casting off all limitations and fear!


Everywhere I go, I see christians held back by fear, insecurities, sickness, finances, you name it. I think ministers these days have really failed to preach and teach faith, real faith, and impart it to believers. I strongly believe that there is a reformation happening in the church in this hour. The powerless gospel is being exposed and brought to light, and there will be no moving forward in this new era without the truth, power, and real relationship with the Holy Spirit. You and I are the only thing that stands in the way of breakthrough, freedom, and change for the broken-hearted people in the world. 

The harvest is great, but the workers are few (Luke 20:2). You have a voice that needs to be heard. You are a carrier of the life-giving spirit of Christ! It's my job to help you make a difference, to transform your family, your job, your region, and yes, even your nation! 


Your voice needs to be heard.

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Through a growth-oriented community and family atmosphere, Amy mentors and inspires women to grow in their identity and to become willing vessels of love, power, and demonstration. Through empowering content, books, e-courses, and more, God uses Amy to purposefully cultivate a company of women who are grounded in the solid rock of the Word of God, strong in the understanding of their identities, and full of the boldness of supernatural faith and the fire of the Holy Spirit.