Women of Power Arising

This is a prophetic word that God gave me in the year 2015. Sometimes God brings things back around because he's reminding you of the fulfillment of those words and prophetic visions. I felt it was necessary to revisit this word as I believe we are seeing the fulfillment coming swiftly in this season! I hope you are provoked by this article as much as I am.


I recently was in prayer and God revealed to me a vision of a group of men and women being raised up to a new standard in Christ, an uncompromising generation that will seek the Kingdom of God first, those that will stand in the truth and revelation of God's Word. God is raising up a generation that will not only operate with great power and demonstration but possess the fruits of the Spirit as well.

The Lord spoke to me and said, "I am calling My people to a higher place." I then saw three angels depositing revelation, intercession, and determination.

God is calling His Church to a higher place; I see a group of leaders being raised up that will bring the Church into a higher realm of the supernatural and of truth.

Now, I want to encourage women in ministry. The Lord showed me a group of women operating in a high level of faith and authority, and greatly influencing nations. He also showed me large angels being commissioned to bring about a release of the apostolic – depositing revelation. These revelations of the Word are being deposited in men and women, which I share below as well.

Apostolic and Prophetic

Women of Power

I am reminded of the first century Protomartyr, Thekla, meaning "glory of God." [Note: This story is taken from the New Testament apocrypha that is not generally given the acceptance of canonized Scripture. John G. Lake mentions this story of Thekla below as well.] She is said to be the first woman martyr for the Gospel. Daughter of a wealthy family in Iconium, Thekla was engaged at the age of 18. When she heard the Apostle Paul's teachings from her bedroom window, she took a vow of chastity, refused to marry, and ran away from her home. Her family became so angry that they had Paul locked in prison.

Eventually Paul was banished from the city, and Thekla was sentenced to be burned because she refused to be separated from Christ. As the flames were lit, light surrounded her and rain came and extinguished the flames. She began to travel with the Apostles, preaching the Gospel in Antioch, where she was condemned to death again for being a Christian. In an arena full of wild animals, the beasts would not touch her, but laid at her feet. The crowd began to shout, "Great is the God of the Christians!" Apostle Paul then blessed her, sending her to preach the Word of God, and she went about healing the sick through prayer.

John G. Lake, in his sermon, "The Truth About Divine Healing," was discussing the school of Tyrannus, where the teachings of philosophy and psychology were discarded for Paul's teachings about the Spirit. Lake said, "From this school came Thekla, a Grecian noblewoman, a God-anointed healer, whose ministry of healing is said by students to have set a record. And still there are those who would deny the right of Christian ministry to women."

Thekla converted many pagans to Christ, and the Church famously named her as "Equal-to-the-Apostles."

Joan of Arc, Mystic Visionary

Let me to tell you about a young visionary who changed the fate of a nation. At the age of thirteen, Joan of Arc began to hear voices and have visitations with the angels and saints, telling her that she was called to save the nation of France. At seventeen years old, she led a small army to victory at the siege of Orleans, followed by other supernaturally spectacular military successes. The King was then able to